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Update #51

May 30, 2017

Version: 1.7.7


1-AI (full body) Loot UI
2-Improved AI hit detection
3-Improved Player hit detection
4-Player drops backpack on death
5-Backpack can be looted + UI
6-Synced Backpack
7-Improved Weapon behavior script
8-Optimized few items
9-Fixed few audio issues


-Looting AI:

AI can be looted (if dead), by aiming at any part of his body you'll get an option to loot, dragging on the other hand is not the same. In-order to drag; you must aim at any of his hands or feet.


AI can only be looted once, loots bullets.






-Player Backpack:

Player drops a backpack on death, the backpack contains the following:

First 5 Weapons (if the player has any in his inventory),

First 5 Tools (if the player has any in his inventory),

First 5 Consumables (if the player has any in his inventory)

The backpack gets destroyed after 120 seconds (2 mins) from player's death










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