Alpha 1.5.1 Gameplay Trailer

May 31, 2017

Building from scratch in sandbox mode
game version: 1.7.7

Video link:

May 30, 2017

Version: 1.7.7

1-AI (full body) Loot UI
2-Improved AI hit detection
3-Improved Player hit detection
4-Player drops backpack on death
5-Backpack can be looted + UI
6-Synced Backpack
7-Improved Weapon behavior script
8-Optimized few items
9-Fixed few audio issues


May 29, 2017

Continuing the previous update;

Check Part 1 / 3 Update here-

Check Part 2 / 3 Update here-

[Version: 1.7.6]

Part 3 / 3:

1-Survival mode end

2-Improved Aim UI

3-Improved Player Aiming

4-Created End screen UI (final game stats)

5-Added end (animated) cut scene

Game end update (P...

May 28, 2017

Continuing the previous update;
Check Part 1 / 3 Update:

[Version: 1.7.5]

Part 2 / 3:

1-Added Package item at Rebel's bases

(Random items and resources)

2-Created and Added new resource item "Aluminum"

3-Fixed small game-play issues

4-Fixed Co-op AI syncing

5-Fixed Co-op Chop...

May 26, 2017

Hello everyone!

Right after uploading the last update, I started working on a way to end to the survival mode in all three types

(Single player, co-op & Multiplayer).

I decided to divide this update to 3 parts.

So in-order to end the game, you'll need to escape the island.


May 22, 2017

version: 1.7.3

1-Added new multiplayer game mode (Sandbox)
2-Improved building system (roofs)
3-Improved server browsing
4-Improved server browsing filter +UI
5-Improved player body system values
6-Improved loading time
7-Fixed reported bug (Loading Miscs error)

May 20, 2017

Version: 1.7.2

1-Improved Terrain settings (Texture/grass)
2-Improved AI (Rebel) detection
3-Pressing 'ESC' in Inventory exits menu
4-Fixed invalid input error in few menus

May 16, 2017

Hello everyone, so I managed to get the update up about a week earlier than what I mentioned in the previous update, which is great. I get to start working on the next update from tonight.

Anyways, heres the update details:

Version 1.7.1:

1-Fixed minor bugs
-NPC menu

May 14, 2017

Hello everyone, I've completed a month without posting any updates about the game. I'v been busy with other projects unrelated to games. However Ashore will be my main focus/priority for the rest of this month (at least).

For the next update (v1.7.1) which I plan to rel...

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