Alpha 1.5.1 Gameplay Trailer

February 27, 2017

version 1.6.1:

1-Changed player's hunger time
2-Improved FPS eating animations
3-Improved animals stats
4-Improved weapons stats
5-Improved saving UI
6-Improved crafting table function + UI
7-Improved player basic crafting function + UI
8-Improved Sun shafts effect

February 25, 2017

Version: 1.6.0:

1- Added 3 new building parts:

*Metal bars (Wall)

*Metal bars (Window)

*Metal bars (Doorway)

February 24, 2017

v: 1.5.9

1-Improved fog
2-Added sun shafts effect
3-Optimizing Graphics Performance (+40% improvements)
4-Improved multiple materials
5-Fixed & Improved NPC (merchant) home
6-Added Looting notification UI

February 23, 2017

1-Optimized building parts (41 meshes)
2-Optimized building parts textures
3-Improved building parts LODs
4-Improved Occlusion Culling
5-Fixed (Wooden roof -mid) texture
6-Improved Roofs-Mid scales + icon UI
7-Added +2 new building parts (Roofs)

8-Fixed & improved built...

February 21, 2017

Version 1.5.7 :

1-Improved graphics (image effects)
2-Improved multiple meshes texture
3-Optimized multiple building parts meshes

4-Improved wooden stairs scale

Video Link:

February 20, 2017

1-Added +5 new Fortifications items
2-Added +3 new Miscellaneous items
3-Improved few materials/Textures
4-Improved Blueprint sorting speed
5-Improved Animal collision detection
6-Window state Saving, Loading and Syncing

February 19, 2017

1-Fixed: Unable to place items on Bridges
2-Improved Bridges scales
3-Improved A few Textures
4-Added snapping check on rustic doorways
5-Fixed: wrong items spawn (Destroying ceiling)
6-Fixed: Unable to quick-remove weapon item.
7-Improved fences scale
8-Improved stair...

February 16, 2017

1-Added new building parts:
+2 (Walls)
+2 (Windows)
+2 (Doorways)
2-Added +2 new Bridges
6-Improved 7 objects UI thumbnails
7-Added Bridges Blueprints

February 15, 2017

1-Added new building parts:
+2 (Stairs)
+3 (Pillars)
+2 (Foundations)

2-Added +7 new Fortifications
3-Improved 36 objects LODs
4-Improved few materials/Textures
5-Improved Workbench UI
6-Improved 9 objects UI thumbnails
7-Fortifications Blueprints

February 13, 2017

1-Added new building parts:
+4 (Roofs)
+2 (Ceilings)
2-Improved few building textures
3-Improved few icons (UI)
4-Fixed Building bugs
5-Fixed Fortification bugs

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