Alpha 1.5.1 Gameplay Trailer

November 27, 2016

-Finished the controls UI.
-Improved few main menu's UI.
-Fixed a few issues in Building system - Saving / Loading
-Fixed some syncing issues with items.
-Fixed Loading item's locked state.

-Added new items:
* "Metal door 2"
* "Metal Stairs"
* "Metal bed"

-Updated tw...

November 20, 2016

-New HUD UI "FPS" Style:
If you're going to battle or going to invade an outpost and prefer a HUD with less distraction.
-New Game settings options added:
*HUD Style (Display settings)
*Shadows/Reflections/Terrain quality (Graphics settings)

November 15, 2016

-Saving and loading Improvements
*Saving/Loading all player's stats + Inventories
*Loading a save file on an online server
-Created new item "Flag"
-Flag UI
-Added icons + Improved Map UI
-Fixed bugs

November 9, 2016

-Saving and loading system
*Game settings, display, graphics, controls, audio..
*Save files (everything within the map).
-Added new UI
-Created new item (Bridge)

November 3, 2016

-Objectives UI & Class
-Miscellaneous placing improvements 
-Fortification placing improvements 
-Electronics placing improvements
(Continues from the last rotation value used on previous item)
-Created a new Item "Farm-Door"

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